Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka

"The poems are the work of a profoundly serious temperament and a professional translator of world into word"– Michael Salcman, Judge, Harriss Poetry Prize


niedosytThis handsomely designed bilingual anthology contains five chapters of selected poems written over the years that encompass also the poet’s most recent work. Each chapter is preceded by original drawings. Original Polish-language versions face their English translations.

In her introduction to the book, Regina Grol, Professor of Comparative Literature at Empire State College, State University of New York, writes, “The volume introduces the English-speaking world to the work of a noteworthy Polish author who writes insightful poems, who presents her emotional states with subtlety, and who ceaselessly probes reality with words, creating original and compelling pictures. Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, who has selected and translated the poems included in this volume, has done poetry lovers on both sides of the Atlantic a great service.”

Oficyna Literatów i Dziennikarzy POD WIATR (January 2003)

ISBN-13: 978-8387990794

…their elegant transparency and candor….there is a Morning Honor to the poems, and dignified longing. — Donald Revell, Poetry Editor, Colorado Review

A collection of wise poems, lovingly translated into perfect words to pull at the heart and mind. — Barbara Westwood Diehl, Editor, The Baltimore Review

Exquisite! […] This is a timeless treasure to be savored, for it still speaks to and of us all. — Christina D. Collins-Smith, Director, One Tree Productions

Lidia Kosk’s poems are rich with multisensual imagery – a delightful personal journey written with grace and sensitivity. — Stacy Johnson Tuthill, former Publisher & Editor of SCOP Publications, Inc.

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