Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka

"The poems are the work of a profoundly serious temperament and a professional translator of world into word"– Michael Salcman, Judge, Harriss Poetry Prize

April 22, 2018, Kensington Book Festival

On April 22, 2018, at the annual Kensington Day of the Book Festival Danuta presented Szklana góra/Glass Mountain in the Making Poems, Making Peace event. The book of Lidia Kosk poem brings so many languages together towards a common understanding of the beauty of diversity! 

Danuta and Burgi Zenhaeusern read “Glass Mountain” in four languages. DC-ALT also had a book table with our members’ books and it was a good opportunity to mingle and have conversations with poets, translators and other book enthusiasts. And Roman Kostovsky, DC-ALT president, played his guitar to accompany the poetry.

Kensington Book Fest



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