Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka

"The poems are the work of a profoundly serious temperament and a professional translator of world into word"– Michael Salcman, Judge, Harriss Poetry Prize


Born and raised in Poland, Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka is a biochemist with a distinguished scientific career, bilingual poet, writer, poetry translator, and co-editor of the literary journal Loch Raven Review. She is also a photographer whose work has been exhibited in individual and group shows and used for book covers.

Danuta is the author of Oblige the Light, winner of the fifth annual Clarinda Harriss Poetry Prize (CityLit Press); and Face Half-Illuminated—a book of poems, translations, and prose, published by Apprentice House.

She is the translator for two bilingual books of poems by Lidia Kosk, niedosyt/reshapings and Słodka woda, słona woda/Sweet Water, Salt Water, the latter of which she edited.

Her poems, translations, essays, and interviews, have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies in the USA, Ireland, Japan, UK, Sweden, and Poland. They have also been featured on NPR/WYPR’s “The Signal.” Her translations of poems by three Maryland Poets Laureate—Lucille  Clifton, Josephine Jacobsen, and Linda Pastan—have been published in Poland; her translations of poems by Lidia Kosk, Ernest Bryll, and Wisława Szymborska have appeared in over 50 publications in the USA. Most recent publications include Notre Dame Review, International Poetry Review, and Spillway. She has resided in Maryland, USA, for over three decades.

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